Supporting organisational performance

People are at the heart of business and their performance is one of the most direct contributors to success. With a focused value creation plan developed at the outset of any Nordic Capital investment, it becomes an immediate priority to ensure that portfolio companies are wholly aligned with that strategy and capable of delivering it. For this reason, Strategic HR and Portfolio Talent Development is a key element of Nordic Capital’s approach to Ownership Excellence.  

This in-house expertise is applied throughout the investment cycle: for the assessment of management and organisational capabilities at sourcing and selection; during the investment period when the board and management teams are given help to address gaps and enhance their capabilities; and at exit, when management readiness is crucial for new ownership or a future on the public markets.

Strategic HR has had a tangible impact on the performance of Nordic Capital’s portfolio companies, with a significant number of new CEOs, CFOs and board members appointed during the ownership period. These include Unifeeder, cultural and organisational change occurred as the business reviewed the way that it worked with large clients and successfully developed the most comprehensive feeder and short sea network for container transportation in Europe.  Strategic HR expertise supported Unifeeder’s CEO in driving change, delegating leadership and developing a narrative around the new strategy.  In parallel, a new Unifeeder Academy provided the mentoring that was needed to help executives across the business embrace and drive change within their own areas of responsibility.

Mergers inevitably require a high level of organisational change that can be well supported by Strategic HR.  The mergers of Intrum/Lindorff in 2017 and Itiviti/Ullink in 2018 illustrate this with Nordic Capital’s team working closely with respective CEOs as they successfully brought two organisations together, creating a new operating model and restructuring the management team.

Acquisitive growth or international expansion makes similar demands on boards and management teams. Strategic HR support has played at important role at  MFEX, one of the largest independent fund platforms in Europe as it has integrated four accretive acquisitions; and at Ryds Bilglas, one of Sweden’s leading vehicle glass repair and replacement companies, which has made major strides in its expansion strategy since it was acquired by Nordic Capital in early 2018, extending the business into both the Danish and Norwegian markets.