Nordic Capital recognises the need for businesses to play their part in protecting their environment in order to meet climate goals.

As a responsible investor, Nordic Capital assesses the risks and opportunities related to the environmental performance of its portfolio companies at initial screening and throughout the ownership period.

We believe that a business aware of its impact on the environment is better placed to manage associated risks such as resource scarcity and is more likely to have a long-term sustainable business model in place.

It is also able to take advantage of positive opportunities, including creating efficiencies, reducing costs and attracting talented people that aspire to work for environmentally friendly organisations.

Climate action

We assess, measure and report climate related risks and environmental impact during our ownership. Measuring enables proper action to reduce negative climate impact.

Responsible energy use

Portfolio companies are encouraged to reduce their environmental footprint. Energy efficiency, energy from sustainable sources and lowering GHG emissions is a prerequisite for a sustainable future.

Sustainable sourcing

We expect portfolio companies to support a precautionary approach and encourage them to ensure resource efficient practices, responsible waste handling and choosing sustainable materials when sourcing