Our ambition is to help our portfolio companies become successful, sustainable businesses. We seek to do this in a responsible way, with a clear understanding of the environmental and social impacts.

As a result, sustainability factors are fully integrated into all stages of our investment and ownership process from evaluation through to exit.

Nordic Capital investment professionals are well placed to address sustainability risks and opportunities with the support of a dedicated in-house Sustainability Team and external advisors.


Investment Framework

Responsible Investment Policy

Aligned with changes in laws, international regulation and standards. Updated on yearly basis.



Sourcing & Analysis DD & Negotiation Pre-Closing

Training – capacity building


Responsible investment critical checklist

Sustainability analysis in investment case materials


Case examples


On-Board Own & Manage Exit Preparations

Deal team to define sustainability starting point at the on-boarding company

Nordic Capital to set clear sustainability expectations on portfolio companies

All portfolio companies need to have a sustainability strategy approved and reviewed annually by the Board of Directors

Nordic Capital to provide Portfolio companies with training, support and sharing of best practice

Yearly sustainability reporting to Nordic Capital


Exit readiness

Summarizing progress incl. sustainability

Sell-side Due Diligence

Data room